Below is an enrollment update for the ARIA study as of 17 July 2013.
Sites are identified by investigator last name and site country.

Target Recruitment
Enrollment Goal: 474
Current Randomizations: 306
Subjects Required to Complete Enrollment Goal: 166
Study Notes: Congratulations to all of the sites that have reached their study recruitment goals! Wehope you continue to keep up the good work and enroll patients in the study. We’re excited to see which sites will be the next to meet their recruitment benchmarks!
Country-Top Enrollers
Country PI Randomized
Spain Smith 11
Thailand Jones 5
United States Roberts 4

Worldwide Enrollment
Country Randomized
Argentina 24
Canada 20
France 23
Italy 17
Mexico 25
Portugal 22
Puerto Rico 16
Russia 17
South Africa 20
Spain 25
Thailand 19
United Kingdom 55
United States 23